Rishabh Mishra

Publish protobuf as an NPM package

Publish Typescript files generated from protobuf to npm. Use Github Action to publish and Changesets to update the verions.

NodeJS Microservice with gRPC and TypeScript

Create NodeJS microservices with gRPC, and TypeScript. Use ts-proto to generate TypeScript files from protobuf. Test gRPC endpoint with grpcurl

Dockerizing a React.js app

Learn how to dockerize React single page application. Create development image with auto-reload and lightweight & optimized production image with Nginx setup.

Building REST API with Express, TypeScript - Part 4: Jest and unit testing

Learn how to setup Jest in Express and TypeScript server to test code. Add unit tests for the REST APIs controller and mock database to test repositories. Setup Github Actions to run tests.

Building REST API with Express, TypeScript - Part 3: PostgreSQL and TypeORM

Learn how to connect PostgreSQL database from Express and TypeScript REST API server using TypeORM. Create TypeORM models and repositories.

Building REST API with Express, TypeScript - Part 2: Docker Setup

Learn how to dockerize REST API server built with Express and TypeScript. Create a development image with auto restart on code changes and a lean production image with multi-staged build

Building REST API with Express, TypeScript and Swagger

How to build REST API server with Express & TypeScript, and auto-generate OpenAPI documentation with Swagger